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Bailie Ann Ewell

UX/UI/Graphic Designer



Devmountain - UX Designer

Complete - Lehi, UT


Dixie State University - BS Graphic Design

Complete - St. George, UT


Snow College - AS Emphasis in Art

Complete - Ephraim, UT


⧫   Maya

⧫   FontLab Studio

⧫   Sketch

⧫   Invision

⧫   Miro                

⧫   Balsamiq

⧫   Principle            

⧫   Adobe XD    

⧫   Trello

⧫   Zeplin 

⧫   Blender    

⧫   Wordpress            

⧫   Acrobat  

⧫   Google forms     

⧫   CSS, HTML  

⧫   Adobe Ps, Ai, inD, Premier Pro, Lightroom


⧫   Research Techniques              

⧫   Visual Design              

⧫   User Story mapping                     ⧫   Information Architecture            ⧫   Wireframing

⧫   Prototyping                              

⧫   Visual Communication       

⧫   Team Collaboration                      ⧫   User testing


Devmountain - Lehi, Ut — UX Designer, Student Designer 

November/2019 - Feb/2020


⧫   Created Quick Spots App, to help solve parking issues for people. Worked with developers to get it on the App Store.

⧫   Researched and designed a website to help provide relief for the Fast Fashion problem.

⧫   Learned to empathize with the user, and solve problems using HCD principles. 

⧫   Improved Researching techniques, and personal communication.


Kone Kompany- Skagway, Ak — Manager

Seasonal May/2014 - October/2019


⧫   Lead and communicate with employees, hold meetings, create products.

⧫   Inventory all product, order/communicate with distributors.

⧫   Promoted to Manager, Manage employees, elevate workspace

⧫   Organized my roles, and what I needed to complete each day.

⧫   Kept the business running, and improved their profit.

⧫   Communicated with customers, Create menus & new specials


Church and State- Salt Lake City, Ut — Graphic Design Intern Instructor & designer

April/2018 - October/2018


⧫   Teach classes on design principles to interns. 

⧫   Create brochures and flyers for events.

⧫   Met with the project manager often, created lots of iderations.

⧫   Made projects to put out to the public for their events.


Kone Kompany


-Communication with employers to understand needs to improve the site.

-Talk about deliverables and organized content.

-Monetary options for the site.

Klondike Doughboy


-Studied WordPress on my own and set up web hosting.

-Talk about what content we needed.

-Processed the site to be ecommerce.

Route Your Ingredients

Personal project


Researched problem and user needs

Wireframes lofi and hifi

User testing

Currently being built.

Thank you for your time!

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